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Bet You Can’t – Trollhaugen

It’s like a summer dream or something, a Bet You Can’t episode from Trollhaugen.  Dane Byron challenges Mike Skiba to a hardway bs 270 to switch.  Kudos for the song choice.

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Comments (20)

  1. said, “o0Ohh! ” so many times.

  2. so, the guy is 40 and still rippin, what more can u ask

  3. I-wu-how-wha-holy fuck how’d he do that?

  4. Skiba is beyond insane. and I’m sure I was kicking Jesse Mickelsons ass at 1:30

    • I will destroy you.

  5. If it was me doing it, I probably would have counted half of those.

  6. Skiba knows how to fall? Since when?

  7. Juicy J can’t….but Skiba can!

  8. Dane Byron was concieved in the chillm shack

  9. these damn trollhaugen kids are on a completely different level than every other resorts riders. i just don’t get it. so insane.

  10. mindblown^ it is a thing called tow ropes.

  11. Skiba is the most underrated insane destroyer at troll…

  12. Excuse me, maybe in snowboarding. Skiba is has laser surgeon hand precision, control, and consistency.

  13. Not good as my nigga Shaun’s rail game

  14. Thought the lyrics were “Yell for the Skiba Troll” until about halfway through the video