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Rome’s 12 Months – July

Don’t worry mom and dad, the diggers don’t interact with your children.

Riders: Ozzy Henning, Derrek Lever, Riley Nickerson, Ian Boll, Jeff Hopkins, Chris Frost, and more.

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Comments (9)

  1. Finally somebody used mega-mo without annoying the shit out of everyone! Sick edit.

  2. Reason number 1. Why snowboarding is better then skiing

  3. that was really well done. great job everyone

  4. Thanks TWS for posting this last week!

  5. you hippies better be packin out what you bring in…

    solid follow caming, you can tell they ride that park every day

  6. Reason number one why
    high cascade < windells

  7. Nice to watch ten minutes of ozzy.

  8. Most enjoyable 2013 summer edit to date #BRICKSQUAD

  9. Most enjoyable 2013 summer snowboard edit to date.