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Rome SDS Presents: Local Gnar Videos and Official Brackets



The 7th annual edition of Local Gnar is officially underway! We’ll be dropping a new video every few days and all you have to do is sit back and watch. That’s right, no online popularity contests or Facebook spam. The brackets above will be completed by a panel of celebrity judges including Bjorn Lienes, Laurent Nicolas-Paquin, Raul Pinto, Oliver Dixon and Theo Muse. You’ll be able to watch the latest video here or on the main page of the site, so keep checking back and see who beat you out for the finals, and most importantly, who will win $1000, two Rome set ups and the keys to the Rome van.

Finalist #1. Dave Schmidt

Finalist #2. Matej Nedorolik


Finalist #3. Scott Smith

Finalist #4: Buck 90

WINNER: Buck 90

Finalist #5: Danny Leblanc

Finalist #6: Bridge House

WINNER: Danny Leblanc

Finalist #5: Fairgrounds Swingers Club

Finalist # 6: Names are Names

WINNER:Fairgounds Swingers Club

Round 2

Dave Schmidt vs Buck 90

Winner: Buck 90

Danny Leblanc vs Fairgrounds Swingers

Winner: Fairgrounds Swingers

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Comments (31)

  1. Buck 90 and Swingers got this round.