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High Cascade Session 1-2 Video

We know you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for this, and since thanks to some technical difficulties, we had to go all the way to Europe to find some embed code. So you’ve probably already watched it (assuming you never leave your computer.) That’s cool, watch it again.

Featuring: Bode Merrill, Justin Fronius, Jed Anderson, Mike Ravelson, Brandon Hobush, Seth Hill, Colton Morgan, Brandon Cocard, Johnny O’Connor, Spencer Schubert, Randy Vannurden, Dave Marx, John Macdonald, Alex Sherman, Andrew Aldridge, Austin Smith , JD Dennis, Christian Sparks, Max Warbington, Austin Leonard, Garret Warnick, Jaeger Bailey, Jayell White

Video Edited by: Skylar Brent
Filmed by: Skylar Brent, Harry Hagan, Matt Roberge, Brendan Barry, Eli Olson, Jon Stark

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Comments (19)

  1. Weird seeing a high cascade recap without Scotty Steves.

  2. Bs 270 lipslide pretzel? Wtf?

  3. Ohh how I have missed you rails! we have been separated for wayy to long!

  4. Skylar is the best in the business

  5. That crippler made me poop my pants

  6. Why did Scott Stevens change his name to Mike Rav?

  7. that’s that $hit

  8. Ravs ridin round and he’s getn it

  9. beg to differ. Scotty Steves 1:57, after the crail back to reg.

  10. First…holyshitwtf.

    Then…Fronius goes huge.

    Now…get ready for The Last Ones via VG this fall…

  11. I wish I could tell what the fuck is going on… Fuck this video player

  12. I like the acid trip themes from last summer more

  13. err body gonna get the back 270 pretzel this year MARK MY WORDS


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