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Thursdays at the Office: Upstate Mike

Upstate Mike is more than a Yobeat commenter, he is a real person with arm tattoos and an aryan complexion.

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Comments (21)

  1. Well its good to know that Upstate Mike is just as gay as his comments are not funny.

  2. Brooke when do I get to go to the office ?

  3. Upstate take-over!

  4. Upstate Mike is my kind of dude

  5. pretty sure blinghamton isnt upstate…

  6. I wish I didn’t change my names every time I commented, maybe I could have gone to the yobeat office.

  7. @ merica… is that jonah hill pre or post stomach staple?

  8. Where teh roller blade footage on that minirampz?

  9. Mike is the man!

  10. Upstate Mike is the Ryan Howard of YObeat

  11. Rad dude! now where does a beast coaster aquire yawgoons stickers

  12. Funny that I was pulling stick at the same time he was watching Brooke.

  13. is everyone who works for burton hip?

  14. its funny how you actually look at peoples Ip addresses…. making fun of snowboarding huh?

  15. Brook is negative funny. Girls don’t know humor. Yolo42069

  16. Upstate mike for president!


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