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Colton Maddy Kmart Board Edit

Apparently that article we just wrote about the importance of getting new gear isn’t completely bulletproof.

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Comments (42)

  1. Should’ve gotten my Target pro-model if you wanted to win more medals.

  2. I’m not sure if I can even ride one of those…this is so fucking awesome

  3. Backflip over fence, why not double????

  4. this really proves how easy snowboarding is, we waist hundreds maybe thousands on “technology” to learn front 180’s. thanks yobeat

  5. gets zion snowboards for free…would rather ride a $20 walmart board.

  6. better than alot of edits ive seen lately

  7. That was the best things ive ever seen hands down. First board i ever had, first song i ever used in an edit.

  8. K Mart has got to hook this kid up with a pro model

  9. I hope he is goofy, cause if not i give up

  10. Yes, he is goofy. He is also, apparently, not human. Perhaps a member of the cat species? So light on his feet…

  11. i came here expecting to be impressed, im fucking blown away my dog was freaking out because i screamed what the fuck so many times. props.

  12. get the fuck out of here, the street rails are redic, come on…


  14. I feel some hate coming on from the snowskate community… That was amazing!!

  15. Big deal…a skateboarder decided to hop on a lunchtray w no edges to hinder him on the rails…yawn…kmart should sponsor him though…maybey pay for him to get a new toof..

  16. I think most of us can agree this board was our first taste of reverse camber…

  17. Do they sell these boards at Hobby Lobby now?

  18. The amount of time and work he put into this is actually pretty astounding

  19. did i really just see that?! haha! holy fuck!

  20. this kid rules life. i dont think that board is breakable…i may have to pick one of those suckers up

  21. that was insane, i want to see footy of him on a real snowboard

  22. I heard he only broke one or two of these while filming it during the whole season.

  23. That was possibly one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen…..

  24. this restored all my faith in snowboarding

  25. shoulda sent it off that bitchin’ ski jump. that riding was better than most people riding $400 boards

  26. Madd dogg is my good bro. and yes all the roomers are true. he is a cat. insane man. Peidmont got lit up, and the cascade rail…? Your my hero man

  27. Interesting post to have after an article about telling your friends to get new gear.

  28. so saga make snoswboards now?

  29. welp… snowboarding has reached its terminus… im putting my stuff on ebay. it was a good run.

  30. still managed to squeek out a soggy switch nosepress on a flat box


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