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Dan Spooner – Full Part

You may remember Dan Spooner from the Hill City Squad. You may remember the Hill City Squad from the Crew Clash. Anyway, they won, which pretty much means we’d be assholes not to feature Dan’s full part.
Edit: Hunter Gulan

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Comments (12)

  1. So many sick street parts coming out. This was hyphy!

  2. Claims his own hashtag as an intro. siq

  3. Didn’t know riff raff snowboarded.

  4. OH DAMN JACKSON CAMEO! dat wuz nutz

  5. Epic song choice. Shit was on blast.

  6. ugh a minesota kid riding a capita board… soo bougeuouse

  7. ^who the hell cares what kinda board he rides and where he is from ya douche, nice work Dan keep killin it

  8. Fuck you glen co co you probably ride your dads dick and are from Texas bougeuouse. Take you’re dick suckin attitude outta here. You people are the reason yobeat is lame. Dan fucking kills shit. This kid Is so well rounded, and has style for days.


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