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Thursdays at the Office: Brendan Gerard Comes Correct

Yobeat has been getting soft lately, so there was only one thing to do. Bring in a real badass like Brendan Gerard to show the boys how it’s done. I heard he drinks milk after it’s pass the expiration date!

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  • boneyballsack

    you forgot to attach the video

  • upstatemike.

    i agree, too many godamn wussbags out there.


    Didn’t even inhale the cigarette…

  • Ski Baby

    I’d wear his piss soaked shirt.

  • That Guy

    Still cant believe Red Gerard is his brother

  • http://tronfuckinblow still high tho..

    he has one of those chains and leather boots now thats gay folks

  • ghetto blaster

    hahahha this is perfect. well done

  • Charles Barkley

    Bredan Gerard is a prick, so this is fitting.

  • BRookehasadick

    your badass brooke.

  • Justin’s bong

    I just hate Brooke. #brookesucks

  • what

    Noice! i once almost drank milk past its expiration date but then pussed out at the last second :(

  • Big-Tink

    this is a good show

  • Ski4Lyfe

    im amazed these continue to be good.