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Thursdays at the Office: Brendan Gerard Comes Correct

Yobeat has been getting soft lately, so there was only one thing to do. Bring in a real badass like Brendan Gerard to show the boys how it’s done. I heard he drinks milk after it’s pass the expiration date!

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Comments (13)

  1. i agree, too many godamn wussbags out there.

  2. Didn’t even inhale the cigarette…

  3. I’d wear his piss soaked shirt.

  4. Still cant believe Red Gerard is his brother

  5. he has one of those chains and leather boots now thats gay folks

  6. hahahha this is perfect. well done

  7. Bredan Gerard is a prick, so this is fitting.

  8. I just hate Brooke. #brookesucks

  9. Noice! i once almost drank milk past its expiration date but then pussed out at the last second 🙁

  10. im amazed these continue to be good.


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