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Meet Your People’s Court Champ: Luke Zajac

Local celebrity status. Insta: @vincheesel

The People’s Court Champions battle wrapped up this week and after a heated battle that came down to the last minutes and a 10-vote margin, 12-year-old Luke Zajac from Scandia, MN was crowned the victor. Already a star in the heart of his friends and family, Luke is definitely one to watch in the future. And for his boarding and social networking skills, he will be hooked up with Arnette goods for the next year. We caught up with him to ask some pressing questions.

Yobeat: How did you get so good so young?

Luke Zajac: I tried the tricks that the people who I look up to were doing

Who might that be?

People who I ride with — Tony Wagner, Logan Herber, Kyle Kennedy and everyone else I ride with!

Trollhaugen poster boy. Or web banner star. Whatever.

Seems like the Midwest is turning out pros like crazy these days. Anyone semi-famous you look up to?

Yes! Jesse Paul, Austin Young, Jordan Daniels, Colin Wilson and Cullen Bernklau.

Alright, personal question. How tall are you? Do you think being small helps you snowboard? What’s gonna happen if you hit puberty and get tall?

I’m 5’1″ and falling probably doesn’t hurt as bad. I don’t know about that last part!

So.. do you think riding for Arnette will get you more babes?

There’s a possibility on that one!

Front board through the kinks. Photo: Cole Haseman

Are you riding for anyone else?

Nope, but I get hooked up by Nitro and Neff sometimes!

So, you live in Minnesota but ride at Troll, which is technically in Wisconsin. Given the recent Wisconsin drama on the site, wanna set the record straight. What do you like about riding at Trollhaugen?

The rail riding is amazing. the park crew is doing a great job at making all types of rails and all of my friends are there so its the place I like to be!

Awesome. Anyone else you’d like to give a shout out to or thank?

All of the people who support me and voted for me and the people who have made me have a great season that I rode with.

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Comments (16)

  1. Congratulations Luke!
    I’m stoked to sponsor you with Arnette, and to have you representing with your fellow Wisconsin locals Ethan Deiss & Colin Wilson. Great job on your videopart!

  2. Yo Luke, what’s the doot in the song saying?

  3. Kids got good taste in the people he looks up too. I’m excited to see his full parts in the future.

  4. probably has a tight butthole still

  5. Called it.

  6. Wait, another Minnesota kid killin’ it the rail scene? No shocker there, exhibit 548 why Minnesota is the best! And trollhaugen, those kids kill it.

  7. colin wilson – was a young luke zajac once

  8. luke you da boss

  9. Dis Justin beiver lookin’ ass mug look gay as fuqq

    #sus #gay #fag


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