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Yougofirst Team Video #3

Remember when people (including us) used to come up with creative headlines? That was stupid. We’re kinda into the ease of this just write a word or two, add a number thing that’s been going on this season. Riders in order of appearance: Žiga Rakovec, Dejan Hodžić, Erik Harc, Peter Podlogar, Matevž Pristavec, Nejc Ferjan, Matic Zavodnik, Nejc Pucko Filmed by: Gregor Berkopec Music: Jeans Wilder – Sparkler

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  1. Slovenia, officially the Republic of Slovenia is a nation state, situated in Central Europe, at the crossroad of main European cultural and trade routes. It borders Italy to the west, Austria to the north

  2. so many Elan decks, I remember when they were the go to rental board with the step in binders

  3. damn, that was fucking awesome