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Rejected Edits: Full Emo Mode


There are a number of really long edits this time around and that has me seriously butt hurt. Does no one take my advice? I feel like most of what I have to say is basically just “make your edit way shorter”. No one ever listens to me. I feel so alone! You see this?! You people are turning me into an emo kid. This isn’t a phase either, I’ve found the true me! YOU’RE NOT MY DAD UNCLE DAD.


Grade: D-

Woo! Let’s start this off with a 2-for-1! That first double grab was pretty cool but it kind of went straight down hill from there. I’ll give you a bit of credit on this because I know how hard dry slope riding can be. However, it kind of seemed like you weren’t even trying to be in control at all! Also, I saw a shit load of tindy’s, tailfishes, and other “no-no grabs”. I believe the rule is 10 pushups or sit-ups per no-no grab, so I would hope you keep it g-code and that your beach body is rockin’ off the chain right now. Also, your taste in music kind of really sucks, but then again, I have been running songs from “Dance Dance Revolution” on repeat lately, so who am I to talk? The most confusing thing about dry slope edits, to me, is the fact that I have yet to see one titled “Carpet Munchers”.


Grade: F

This one is pretty overproduced. I feel like whoever edited doesn’t really watch snowboarding edits. Then again, I feel like that is the case with pretty much everyone involved with rejected edits. I was hard pressed to find tricks in this edit that my father would be unable to do. You guys should ride with him! That dude rips.


Grade: B-

This is pretty damn good! It’s cool to see young guns ripping at Cannonsburg, but like I said, they’re young and they need to work on a few things. For one, I saw a pretty good amount of soggy boardslides and zeaches that could have either been omitted or redone. The camerawork could have been a bit better too. Think about what you’re filming when you set up! You should try to include or emphasize whatever is of interest in your shot. For example, on that stair set you probably could have picked an angle that showed the added consequence of stairs or, on those tranny finders, try to include the transition that the rider lands in, as well as the gap that they jumped over. For the riders, I would say step it up just a little bit more. It seemed like everyone was just barely making the jump.. what was up with that? If you can’t get speed for that feature do something else! Or better yet, hit the bottom jump! You know! The big one! For your next edit I want to see you guys hitting bigger rails and jumps and doing more creative lines! Keep at it fellas, I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more from you in the future as long as you’re stepping it up!


Grade: C-

Woah! Skiers in a snowboarding edit?! That’s kind of a big no-no! So, probably 86 that shit. The editing wasn’t bad.. the song.. was pleasant. The riding? Could have definitely been better. I got the vibe that this was just a bunch of park laps that you guys filmed real quick. If you want them hammers then it would be quite beneficial to man up and hike. By the way that zeach through the kink at the beginning was fucking jumanji.


Grade: C

Yes! This song is fucking rad. I like the editing style a lot as well, but the riding had me less than stoked. As I mentioned before, you should take the time to hike features that you want to get shots on and get that shit crisp. Think of it like your dick. You probably don’t want to show the world your flaccid, soggy, unkempt pecker. So take some time and make sure you look good out there. Make it perfect.. make it.. bonerific. By the way, that double weekend warrior flip was pretty damn crazy. Shout out to that guy.

Side note: Don’t fucking send me dick pics as a response to this or else I’ll pee on your carpet.


Grade: D-
You forgot the most important part about doing an edit.. actually editing it! I feel like less than half of this edit is actual snowboarding. Oh and that skier.. why? For the love of god.. why?


Grade: F

This edit literally took me 2 weeks to watch. I got this batch of edits 2 weeks ago and got as far as this edit then just straight up quit. Then every few days after I would try to watch this again and every time I found something better to do at about a minute in. The first time I just went skating, the second time I figured I should go eat candy in another room, the third try.. I’m not going to lie.. I just stopped and realized that I could spend that time jerking off. This fourth time I made it to about 7 minutes in and figured that was enough. I guess what I’m trying to say is this is clearly way too damn long. There wasn’t really anything exciting going on at all. Oh, and I’m still looking for a “Penis Ramp Kids” edit. Once again, don’t send me dick pics or I will rub poop in your driveway.


Grade: D-

Holy fucking shit, another 8 minute long edit. This one was a bit easier to watch than the one before this. Not that much easier though.. What the hell was up with those brief intervals that didn’t have any video? It’s like there wasn’t enough shots of you guys just riding down the hill and you were trying to add more down time. This edit could have been about a minute long and it might have been somewhat interesting of a rejected edit.. keep it short and simple, like a proper punk rock song. GG Allin had it figured out. Short, sweet, to the point. Pure entertainment, no bullshit.


Grade: C

I’m not sure why I hate Northstar edits so much. I think it’s because they usually feature wannabe Horgbros. Does DC sell hoodies without sleeves or is there just an entire army of ill-advised kids buying hoodies just to cut them up? That sounds kind of culty to me and is probably a group of people just confused and angry enough to do some real physical damage to me and my loved ones. So I’ll probably just leave this subject alone for now. As far as constructive criticism goes.. uh.. I guess.. just do something more ridiculous. For the love of god, somebody drop a hammer!


Grade: C+

Isn’t this the homie who says we never post his stuff? I feel like I’ve seen pizza and spliffs on rejected edits like three or so times already. I know because I always give a shout out to Sean Kennedy and da homie Bret Guild. I think I give the same advice every time and it’s the same advice I give pretty much any half-way decent rejected edit. It should have been shorter. Work on your shot selection. A lot of those shots weren’t really that interesting and I think if you just focused on having all the homies getting a handful of really awesome shots instead of a thousand mediocre ones as you lap the park all day then you would have both a better edit and a better vacation.


Grade: C+

This was actually filmed pretty dang well. The song choice was kind of strange but whatever. What’s up with these dudes riding in safety vests? Is that some kind of Jesse Paul Shout out? You’re not Jesse Paul. Take off your vest sir! Step up your game and maybe check out some past rejected edits and maybe you’ll have a bit better luck next time.

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Comments (108)

  1. jesse paul was on the job while filming elementary. money vests are not cool to just throw on at your local hill for no reason, especially when you do not ride like jesse paul…

  2. the UO edit reminds me of early COA mammoth edits but wayyyy gayer!!!!! i wonder if there skiers name is tyler as well

  3. The kids in the last Sunburst edit wear the vests cuz they’re park crew

  4. The kids at Sunburst wear the vest because they are park crew, they aren’t “tryna be jesse paul”, they are a group of down to earth midwest kids making the best of a mountain with less than 300′ of vertical and 100″ of snow yearly. Get burstin’.

  5. another michigan rejected edit? yobeat fucking hates michigan

  6. that edit was rejected because it was not good. you make it like they have a disadvantage for having a small hill with unlimited laps? you obviously are not making the best of it because elm creek is smaller than sunburst and it produces jesse paul. and back to “making the best of it” of what? the fact that you as well as every other midwest kid (me included) gets a million more rail laps a day than any big mountain kid. so if anything you are producing shittier edits than kids with half the amount of time or legit rails. basically im just ranting because kids work hard to get good and you make excuses as to why you do the opposite.

  7. @Dick poncho

    Yeah, except i’m from Michigan. Chiggidy check Yo facts kid!

  8. whats the point of using a rap song if its the clean version…

  9. Dammit! i thought my rail gardens edit would be up hurr

  10. @dearlord last time i was there most of sunburst’s park crew had rods high up there ass. everyone agrees the fat kid with glasses is the biggest fucking prick in Wisconsin. one of the park kids cussed out a 9 year old and threw a retard tantrum because he cut em off. small portion of the park crew is cool like the last dude in the edit, but seriously most of em are butt bandits.

  11. Yobeat isn’t even cool.. Newschools ftw

  12. Yeahhhhhh were all Jesse Paul wanna be’s! Lololololz or when were working we are required to work with our vests/jackets on… Yo beat is like a gay hater friendly version of YouTube… Next time we’ll have to post our shit on new schools…. And who let a retard in the park?

  13. Sunburst parks had riders from blackjack granite cascade and every hill in the mid west sayin we are better then those shit holes. Hate because you havnt been here homie. Hope off. One of our park crew is retarded by the way dick head.

  14. And I’m the fat kid with glasses back off I have an eating disorder

  15. @sumnburst actually that’s a sensitive subject because one of our park crew members are mentally restarted, they just let him on as a “make a wish” favor. He just wears the best so we can keep an eye on him while he’s off his leash.

  16. Yolo. Who’s open? Sunburst parks. Yolo

  17. I like airs and sliding railings. It makes me feel like all of you.

  18. Calm down on the construction vest they have jackets to but it was warm so they wore a vest didn’t know this is There’s a lot of sick riders out there doing it at sunburst. mad props

  19. We better see an edit of Oliver Dixon and his dad shredding in the near future, that would be so dope

  20. I don’t know what your guys thought, but I think that Tyler Zuydhoek kid kills it.

  21. Sunburst did it so big this year. Like 30 setups this season. All of them creative as hell. They got dope kids from granite/Tyrol/minnasota/etc in love with all the new setups plus the new rope was insane. Hardly ever waiting for the next lap. Too much fun… And if I recall it was so-gnar/pat milberry’s favorite setup/park in the Midwest… All haters can talk. But when it comes down to it… Burst had the best park, coolest workers (who could actually shred) and two super fun comps…. They get my pass next year.

  22. @oliverismyfather Its called Park Crew. Sunburst has been wearing vests since Jesse Paul was a baby. Get your facts straight before you go ranting about your boyfriend..whom probably doesn’t know or care who you are.

  23. Just got back from riding Sunburst, gotta hang up my vest and watch these edits…BTW Jesse Paul qualified for the So-Gnar comp last year at burst. While he was here, he said construction vests are the only way to get better on rails, so we are all trying to catch up ever since…Next year we are all gunna be wearing cloud pants YEE YEE!

  24. Tyler is an ugly fella with braces and freckles, and even glasses for that matter, his ugliness is only matched by how terrible he is on a snowboard. He should wear a construction vest so he can slide rails better.

  25. These kids rip with vests ahh yeah I’m tweakin

  26. Park crew kills it! and they are some of the chillest dudes. Stop making up stories man! your a total joke

  27. Mike Herman is married and living the American dream.

  28. Sunburst is were its at also with because they dont like it up the butt like yobeat. You guys are dicks ur making fun of a bunch of retarded kids. comeone. Vest for daysssssssssss

  29. we also are better than all u idiots.

  30. “And if I recall it was so-gnar/pat milberry’s favorite setup/park in the Midwest” You are seriously using Pat Milberry to validate your park…

  31. I don’t see anyone of substantial value validating you? Or any of you other bogus ass cyber dick lickers… You all hate on these guys and sit at home on your computers tryna talk some shit. When in reality you guys are the true fags who ruin the sport of snowboarding. Because if you were any good, or held any substancial value to the sport of snowboarding. You wouldn’t have been sitting on your asses being Internet thugs, you would have been at sunburst or you local establishment snowboarding today. But that’s right little to no resorts were open today. Except sunburst and their park crew.. Going beyond the extra mile making sure their park had plenty features as a thank you to kids who actually dedicate their time to having fun and shredding park. Not sitting behind your windows xp, looking more retarted then you already do hating on a snowboard park, for doing their thing, and the people that work their. When they put in some 12-16 hour days to make sure the kids stay stoked on setups and always have a fresh park to ride… Buncha sad, annoying ass pussies. The end.


  33. whats with the disrespect for Jedi Paul sunburst park crew. If i were you, id pray to god i looked and rode like Jesse Paul, instead of that whack ass performance you have. your from the midwest, as of right now, we have a pretty high standard for yobeat, and your letting us down. Hike up your skirt and get back on the rope

  34. Sam Elliott>>> Jesse Paul

  35. i just got really gay for sunburst

  36. Sunburst taking over the comment section on yobeat? Damn skippy….I bet this makes Mike Herman want to buy another cat, what a square..

  37. Im just happy that my home hill is getting better grades then i am<3!

  38. Im just happy to see that my home hill is getting better grades then i am!

  39. @Burstin… you really think kids from Granite are talking shit and saying Burst is better? LOFUCKINGL

  40. As I recall, Sunburst also didn’t have a camp so they had the chance to build something unique. The rest of the hills had to build to suit all levels, of course when your rails are as small as that hill everything is basic…….. Also, Sunburst didn’t have a park crew up until a few years ago, so unless Jesse Paul is all of 5, your point is invalid… and there were other hills open today, Troll and Granite Peak for starters, both with better parks.

  41. Your all a bunch of idiots. Go and ride some real features at Little Switzerland.

  42. I’m so butthurt that I can’t ride granite weak every day. I ain’t got time for that.

  43. Granite would be a lot better if their park crew raked their features every once in a while.

  44. I Luv pomegranite tweak. Their rails are blue.

  45. @TakeyoutotheACADEMY , Why is it the default response to assume commenting negatively online means you weren’t/don’t/suck at snowboarding? And even if you were snowboarding today how does that make you any better of a person? You still came home, got your computer out, read all the comments, and got so stirred up that you devoted a solid 20 to 30 minutes to post in your defense. All I’m saying is next time if you’re going to go down this road come correct.

  46. I swear to God, you can’t say one bad thing about Sunburst without everyone bitching. Your little edit didn’t make the cut onto Yobeat, boohoo. And get over Sam Elliot, that fool didn’t even graduate highschool.

  47. Were all just a bunch of fuck ups anyhow.

  48. Some of the worst insults I’ve ever read just happened in this comment section. This was definitely a good read.

  49. Yeahh!! Let’s all argue over whose park is better then the other.. You can’t really have a better park every hill has something different set up then the other which makes a lot if the hills in the Midwest fun.. Hop off your high horses

  50. Sunburst Parks today, be there!

  51. I simply adore the butthurtedness about the vest remark. I really hadn’t put that much thought into it nor did I mean for it to carry much weight.

    The fact of the matter is that edit was really boring. Now mind you, I don’t mean the riding was shitty, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t great either..

    I guess the point I’m trying to make is that it was an uneventful edit and the only thing I could seem to point out about it that was at all interesting was those vests. I was pretty close to just not even posting it in here at all actually.

    Too long, didn’t read? Jesse rips, WFTC2 is going to change the game and anyone that thinks otherwise can dive headfirst into a kiddie pool.

    • Wait. Ur sayin that the sunburst edit had bad riding? Did u watch any of the other edits u idiot? You work for yobeat. That shows your gay! I bet you dont even snowboard, so you shouldnt say the riding sucks. Sunburst parks kids rip!!!!!!

  52. wheat thins is a chill name for a fat kid



  54. 8========) >>>>>>>>>> (.)(.)

    Thats what the gay ass granite kids think

  55. @granite kkids. HOw was having the same park the whole year? It was nice to have a new one almost every weekend at burst!

  56. curtin for another feature. oliver wont do it brooke wont do it yeah right

  57. These guys film twice as much as anyone else on here for sure. This wasn’t a good edit to feature..they were just bored so they put one on so that lowlife clowns that suck at snowboarding could act like they’re good and make fun of it.

  58. Lol @ little switz tryna get in here. You will be out a business in a year anyways cause you suck so much dick. Sunburst has everything on you. You can’t even get a decent park crew you fuck ups. Lol yobeat is for dick biters and so is little shitz

  59. See the problem is that all of the burst kids get all butt hurt over the stupidest shit. Does it look like anyone else cares? Nope, because they don’t. Granite will keep killing it because they have the biggest hill with an experienced crew that are knowledgeable. Troll will keep killing it because they are hungry, have a great crew, great riders, and don’t get butt hurt over stupid shit or try to start shit with anyone (take note of that Sunburst Park Crew). Hyland is the shit because of the vibe, Elm Creek is about the same size as Sunburst but is on another level park wise. Tyrol is still better because they know what they’re doing and can at least halfway shape. Thing is, you guys walk around with this half assed swagger like you accomplished something. You haven’t done shit yet, and walking around all cocky and talking shit will get you nothing. Learn to work with other hills rather than against them…..

  60. Also I like how Pat Milberry is somehow an acceptable credential for a good park, or…. a skiing site.

  61. So sad the editorial comments are more entertaining than the edits.

  62. these edits took way too damn long to watch. why cant people just listen to Jerm and make a minute and half long edit of bangers. Thats the kind of video people want to see.

  63. I spent way to much time watching and reading all there instead of doing homework… screw you yobeat


  65. I LOVE how there’s actually people that thought the new school comment was serious.. retards..

  66. These kids just need to slash some pow.

  67. Damn, I thought that Granite edit was gunna at least get rejected…we all wore our tallest hoodies and STILL people can tell we aren’t all Cory

  68. Adios medios me love sunburst parkss

  69. Haha Holy shit alot of butthurt sunburst riders in this mutha. a lot of butthurt people in general. for those that are butthurt im gonna need em to fill out a butthurt report form which can be found by clicking on my name.
    alright, i actually have time to right a yobeat paragraph so im gonna do it. lets start off with sunburst park crew. ive only been to sunburst once and it was damn fun. i can vouche that from that one experience some of the park crew are butt bandits, but lots people from Wisconsin are inbred and retarded so you have to feel bad for them and give em a big ol pat on the back. sunburst kids, y u crying about yobeat comments, there yobeat comments. period. and granite peak is the best park i have ever ridden.

  70. Don’t be copping my name up there… I know you’re jealous, but it just doesn’t work for you.



  72. who care about the vests, that talib song is old as fuck and has been in 49 other horrible edits.

  73. Wyatt just cause kids wear a tall sweatshirt while snowboarding doesn’t mean there trying to be like cory. Also stop saying park crews all butt hurt, I’m reading these and on park crew and only 2 people on here are actually sunburst’s park crew and aren’t saying anything disrespectful. It’s just riders that are locals that are hype on sunburst and the changing up of set ups each week.

  74. Sunshine, leave the night shoots to Mack-Dawg, you aren’t filming “Picture This”. Damn you make me embarrassed to be Canadian

  75. riders at burst will beat any riders from the mid west. publish that shit because its a fact.

  76. All dem mf’s suck ! The homie Shaun White the ONLY doppest rider, real talk, keeping it 100


  78. people who actually want a good park that isn’t the same all season maybe?^

  79. this is awesome…. reppin’ sunburst parks is like being from the south… black.

  80. The fact you fucks are using my name is priceless.

  81. And as far as all this hype you guys are trying to pick up… Gonna take more than that to make your parks something people will travel to.

  82. ^hey douche bag, we have had people from colorado, utah, oregon, michigan, illinois and plenty other places this winter coming to burst and saying we fuckin killed it. sorry my boss is better then you will ever be. blow me.

  83. hey kids knuckles of jumps aren’t meant for landing on.

  84. Hey wyatt’s vag sunbust is bullshit it doesn’t change every week. I went there a 5 times and it was the same skate rails and flat shitty jumps. I could not make it more than 45 minutes before leaving due to boredom. The whole park staff has the head up their own asses and their nose right in Kyle’s.
    I went to rib mt. and could shred all day without getting bored. The parks are spot on even if they stay pretty much the same all season. To all the sunburst kids learn to ride fast and quit replicating the 360 off a rail.

  85. This is kind of fucked. I just found an edit of mine on this website. What’s up with the hate? I don’t have a park where I normally ride. I went to Tahoe and made a video. Thanks for hating on it man, your doing a lot for the sport.

  86. This is kind of messed up. I just found an edit of mine on this website. What’s up with the hate? I don’t have a park where I normally ride. I went to Tahoe and made a video. Thanks for hating on it man, your doing a lot for the sport.

  87. I ride granite and I liked the sunburst edit.


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