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13 Days in Hel

What you see is what you get here, a bunch of tools and their snowboards having a crack at pretty much the one place you shouldn’t go unless your sponsored by a energy drink brand. Helsinki made us Australians feel like pussies, despite this – we somehow scrambled enough footage over 13 or so days to make this prick. Next time I see Eero Ettala i’m gonna eat his toe nail clippings or do some other weird voodoo shit to acquire his skills. That dude is a fucking psycho. — Louis Macindoe

Snowboarders – Louis Macindoe, Beau Williams, Big Dan Crean & Tom Reilly.

Shot on location in Helsinki, Finland over a period of 13 days by Matteo Maggi. Features

Wild Guest Cameos from Stefano Bergamaschi & Risto Ruokola.

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Comments (10)

  1. good music and for a bunch of random dudes, this was awesome.

  2. so good to see you guys playing edits from dudes down under!! so rad yeww

  3. Louis is the best bloke around.

  4. rail heaven is actually in hell

  5. Hit some rails den go skull a fosters.

  6. posted a clip on yobeat and didn’t receive a tidal wave of hate.big hugs wrecking shit..

  7. ^ keen for the brewery tonite? Get on the roundys?


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