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Hungry Hobos 3

So it’s Spring and that means park footage. In this case it means park footage from Hobo Headwear, whatever that is. Feel free to skip most of the video because it was edited on an iPhone and you’ll never know when Red Gerard is even riding. Check out :40, :43 and 2:25 for highlights. The rest is just stuff good kids do in the park these days.

Riders: Red Gerard, Kyle Hay, Josh Bishop, Jack Kyle, Randy Stacy, Stevie Meskill, and Hunter Wood. Cameo by homie Christian.

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Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (14)

  1. Hey Nickatina, bet you can’t not do cocaine.

    On another note that ender was righteous

  2. I wish this wasn’t filmed with a shaky potatoe

  3. ender handplant on the quarter corner was so fucking sick

  4. there was some really awesome stuff going on in this edit. needs a little color adjustment though, kind of hard to watch.


  6. another Colorado edit I didn’t watch.

  7. there hobos they can’t afford a decent videographer…or camera.

  8. that was sick. dude on the last rail woulda made it if the filmer didnt jinx him

  9. solid iphone edit. fuck the haters. nick lipton is an idiot.

  10. hobo headwear’s already all huge at my mountain. Better find something else now.


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