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Bet You Can’t: Mountain Creek

Chad Strother knows it’s pond skimming season and shows it here.  Apparently 80’s attire is a necessity for spring time.



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Comments (23)

  1. haha that pond skim was proper

  2. this trick should have been chosen for a girl

  3. front 7 tail isn’t hard at all

  4. the grab, no grab, grab was kinda sick

  5. I thought he was gonna seven and land in a skim…. Pretty dissapointed

  6. Aren’t these supposed to be challenging?

  7. Not one dislike on a comment yet?

  8. Bet you cant with a jump trick? No thanks

  9. Hand up cheers from the boys! Renee Renee would be proud.

  10. Dude, front 7 tail is hard. Not a hard way back three, but that was still cool

  11. i was prepared to have my mind blown by a 7 into a pond skim, but oh well. at least the pond skim was pretty tight

  12. My girlfriend can do that trick, bet ya can’t pick a better trick next time.

  13. Bet you cant board grab off the 10000 footer

  14. dude has a status snowboard. hahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahah

  15. “front 7s aren’t hard” …………….. “I’ve just never done one”

  16. that pond skim was american as fuck!

  17. the art of flight is my all-time favorite movie!! lemme get that shirt bro!!!

  18. 80’s attire ruled. Chad rules. The park at mountain creek; notsomuch. This place has fallen into obscurity.

  19. I cant believe people ride status boards. u should kill yourself if u ride a status

  20. all yall hatin on what kinda board hes ridin who gives a fuck, he got it for free

  21. hey, I’m unable to subscribe for the RSS feed. Can you help or do you know why? thanks for ones info.


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