Yawgoons: Marcus Rand and Dylan Gamache

Marcus Rand and Dylan Gamache spent all season chasing the New England snow with Dr. B. If you were wondering, This is what Internet domination looks like. In fact, the ‘Goons are more or less taking over the site today, cause let’s face it. These guys are fucking awesome.

Edit: Brendan Gouin

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  1. Dammmmnnn
    Dammmmnnn says:

    Dylan and Marcus snowboarding with Dr. B behind the lens….Quite possibly the best in the game

  2. Dear Lord
    Dear Lord says:

    Either Capita has found a way to pop you over the moon, or Dylan’s calves must be a strong as Schwarzenegger’s left tit.

  3. minnesota
    minnesota says:

    so fucked! riding was dope, filming was perfect, overall a great edit. I would love to see weekly leaks or updates on their filming. weed.

  4. miz piz the gawd
    miz piz the gawd says:

    dylan was created in a labratory..marcus will steeze his way into your girlfriends pants. that is all

  5. stoop kid defender
    stoop kid defender says:

    stoop kids should have beat these posers in last years crew clash! i hate my mommy!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Fucked. Just straight fucked. Vimeo crashed Google Chrome and froze my computer while watching this and the 4 tabs from various porn sites. Super decent edit.

  7. Dopeninja
    Dopeninja says:

    why do i get the feeling that Dylan Gamache lands all of these tricks first try? there goes the neighborhood

  8. the ole' poop shoot
    the ole' poop shoot says:

    I saw dylan shred at Sugarbush this weekend. Only times he hit rails he would ollie over the top or from the side. Oh and he tree jibs like a mother fucker.

  9. Question
    Question says:

    In the opener…how are those idiots in the background not watching someone hit a quad kink?

  10. @WFTC2
    @WFTC2 says:

    did you think this is some kind of contest? are you angry that people like this video? how about you curl up and die.

  11. Country Boy
    Country Boy says:

    Oh my goodness. I’m done watching porn, I’m just going to jack off to yawgoons from now on.

  12. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    worst days to put anything on the internet: April fools, and whenever a new Yagoons drops.

  13. daddeo
    daddeo says:

    the best yet…….stait fire every second. almost makes it worth the medical bills.keep on keepin on

  14. JIMBO
    JIMBO says:

    And that’s why I have retired from all urban snowboarding. That was a free clinic as far as I’m concerned

  15. Trinidad James
    Trinidad James says:

    THe Yawgoons are the sickest motha fuckaz i eva seent! they are the beez kneez nigga

  16. Tames Juschall
    Tames Juschall says:

    WHEN I SAW THAT NOSE PRESS ON THE DOWN FLAT DOWN FLAT DOWN i fell outta my chair and started jacking off and at the same time my kittens wearing the sombreros ( i got them for flag day) clawed my ball sac and left a pretty bad rash.

  17. ill a noiz
    ill a noiz says:

    this ones for all them hatas who think these kids can only rip their little dump of a park. nah they took it to the streets and showed these west coast wannabe thugs whats good.


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