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This teaser is best watched in HD. For more info on the film dropping this fall, find SEGCOS on Myspace.

The Super Exclusive Gentleman are Alex Cato, Dan Wells, Erik Overson, Jeff Holce,  Jeremy Estorga, Jon Overson,  Jordan Small, Richie Conklin, Ryan Lanham,  Sean Whitaker, Tucker Brown,  and Gents.

Filmed: Andrew Nagel and Seamus Foster
Edited: Andrew Nagel

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Comments (26)

  1. nagel be kill’n it. riders be too.

  2. enough with the hipster “artsy” random bullshit between clips

  3. that was sick, but is everyone gonna jump on the VHS shitty effects bandwagon??

  4. this will only be good if Ben Hannon gets some clips ya digg??!!!

  5. will jerm automatically support this because he loves sticking it in lanhams and jeremys butts?