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Change That Tape: Park City Buck Wild!

Sean Black, Chris Beresford, and some other dudes make some hole -in-ones and do tricks off jumps at Park City. To the sounds of Jay Sean.  What else could you possibly ask for?

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Comments (10)

  1. Knuckle flips… so hot right now.

  2. i feel like there was no changing of tapes in this edit

  3. I could watch scott stevens and chris beresford ride anything and be entertained

  4. How the fuck did I get into a change CTT edit?

  5. all shane wright does is flip around

  6. Mane I’m btter thn dese niggas SIKE

  7. I feel like with the music and nothing to do with snowboarding clips that they are trying to be LTC… JP Walker’s chin for presidents

  8. Beresford fucking kills it.


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