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Stumped at Waterville

On out recent East Coast tour, we skipped out on a day at Waterville in favor of nursing our hangovers like jerks. The good news is, the STUMPED kids are young and spry and are holding it down for the rest of us lazy people.

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Comments (20)

  1. this was preety awesome but i could land all these tricks cleaner than a whistle

  2. @Phil Nolson but you didn’t land these and you didn’t film it either ya kook

  3. Nice foot shot

  4. @T-Diggy I hear ya, but not every one has a filmer or a half good one at that. It’s stupid to call people out but its also kinda stupid that everythings gotta be filmed. Just have fun guyzzzzz

  5. @T-Diggy just wait till you see my full length part in VG “The Last Call” just remember me

  6. these guys kill it. Enough said

  7. @Ski Baby I started flippin’ bird with Lamar-J so im pretty sure i know how to have fun on hill, and filming while having fun is pretty damn simple, just get off your ass and make an effort. And we dont even have a filmer, we just take turns. its called teamwork

  8. I love these kids but they suck assess at jumps

  9. I’ll be the guy to say it: not the most impressive work. What happened to last years’ hardest cab 1 back 5 on the donkey?

  10. white balance your camera, got dam

  11. decent at best. expected better from eli for sure

  12. @yobeatapotumus the artist is the knife look them up all their shit sounds the same

  13. Everyone who Isn’t entitled to Neva critic is a critic these days. It’s people like most of you who’s ruining snowboarding slowly but steadily. You can’t assume everything is going to be a work of art with hammers for days. Embrace the edits that show some hope for snowboarding, keep people siked. Just because your jealous dont bring down the guys busting their asses. Good Job guys keep it up.

  14. these kids arent that good and the edit was sub par at best. a couple cool tricks. expected much better.

  15. most of you guys above me sounds like pissy moanny skiier ya heard?


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