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Come to The Yobeat Powder 8!


We heard Banked Slaloms are really cool this year, so we we’re talking to Timberline about doing one, but then we realized how much work was required to actually put something like this together. Building a course, figuring out how to not fuck up timing, etc etc. Then, when watching the greatest movie in the world, Aspen Extreme, for the 100th time it hit us, POWDER 8! And it was settled.

The format is simple: teams of two will ride down, cross-crossing turns and creating an 8 pattern and then be judged on their style, technique, creativity and team work. We know what you’re thinking, what if there’s no powder!? We’ve thought of that too, and we’ll make our own East Coast powder in the form of corduroy. So stop making excuses.

If you can ride anything, anywhere, anytime, and also know one other person who you trust not to blow it, SIGN UP NOW. Our panel of judges including such legends as Tim Windell, Shane Flood and maybe even Dave Schiff are ready to reward the team that harnesses it’s inner TJ Burke and wows them with their snowboard routine. One team will be declared the best snowboarders on the mountain, and there may even be prizes and beer as well.

On April 13th, 2013 come to Timberline for what’s sure to be a sweet-ass time (then stay an extra day For Airblaster’s Board Games too!) The action starts at 11 am.


If you’re interested in sponsoring this joyous event, email Brooke or Ricky about it.

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Comments (17)

  1. oh man.

  2. You open em’, I’ll close em’

  3. Snowboarding’s the easy part, Carl.

  4. Really? There is nowhere on flat Timberline to do powder 8s. It is so flat that there will be one footed powder 7s This is about as stupid as X Games Tignes. (Seriously its a girl course.)

  5. Ban this event!! Skiing SUCKS!!!

  6. 30 people making turns at T-Line. What happens if it doesn’t snow? Yawn

    Shoulda stuck with the banked race…

  7. I really hope this is a joke. At least Meadows is still holding a banked slalom this year, someone on Hood gets it..

  8. all you pussies clearly belong at meadows. stfu and don’t bother showing up at tline or i’ll enter you into the comp.

  9. i entered but never got an email

    • @he$h You’re in!

  10. I also entered and didn’t get an email….admin?

    • Everyone who’s emailed so far is in!


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