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Bet You Can’t- Mount Snow

For this episode of “Bet You Can’t” from the Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow, Dan Schott hits up a log pile.  With a switch front board and hands in pockets, he manages to grease it.  We don’t recommend trying this at your local hill, we guarantee it won’t end well.  


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Comments (26)

  1. haha thought he had it first try.

  2. Is he possessed? I mean seriously this guy might be possessed.

  3. Dudes got that trick logged down.

  4. obviously he can do switch tricks…. he has switchbacks

  5. That log pile is deadly. I would never board slide that thing

  6. he on a bataleon with that funky base, doesn’t count.

  7. Caked Dave!

  8. Caked Dave, the oldest man still gettin it in.

  9. I know it’s been said already but holy shit Caked Dave

  10. Where can I get that Stop Skiing sticker?

  11. hey dan, i bet you can’t shut the fuck up for one minute and stop pissin everybody off!!

  12. You’re right brewce!….. No way I could ever do that #ialsohatedanschott

  13. I mean….it was dope but #ihatedanschott

  14. CAKED. #IHATEDANSCHOTT fuck off. that still makes no sense

  15. This kid sucks…. hit a fuckin jump for once #spintowin

  16. i bet you can’t do a roastbeef with your thumbs up your butt

  17. Mount Snow park crew is all.


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