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DUAL Mountain with FootyFiend

Footyfiend’s Brin Alexander, Cole Vibert, Braedon Wheeler, Q Talbot, Alex Ball, Kai Ujejski and Adam Franks go hard at Dual Mountain.

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Comments (23)

  1. please let this be the return of the hyphy movement.

  2. This week has been full of good ass edits

  3. dadaduh mean. yadaduh im sayin tho?

  4. I still have dreads, so shake em!

  5. Footyfiend is on one. Good to hear some classic rap shit.

  6. no shit canadians are good at snowboarding… they live in igloos duh.

  7. EH, dis edit is what i’m talking about.

  8. Is that guy riding an old school T1? G as fuck.

  9. @ vaginasaurs will die, it’s a White Gold board not an old t1.

  10. ……adam and brin are secretely wizards……..

  11. Great riding but I want to punch everyone involved with this video after hearing that song.

  12. I love the sleigh bells in the beat!!

  13. pants above boots, a modern day classic.

  14. Watch that bear edit then this, Canada always delivers. FF4L


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