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Bet You Can’t: Special Edition Tre Squad at Mount Hood Meadows

Tre Squad rolled on Mount Hood Meadows and made a whole day out of Bet You Can’t. Many hammers were dropped. LONG LIVE CREED.

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Comments (15)

  1. Bet you can’t say bet you can’t

  2. That was awesome. Max and Logy B slaying that shit!

  3. dammit meadows looks fun.

  4. Tre squad is either 2 people or a giant group with a skier. Makes sense.

  5. Opinion: This was edit was entertaining and i liked it.

    Fact: This was the second “Bet you can’t” with an MJ…

  6. Mjs are stupid unless youre Scott Stevens or Dylan g. That shit was gayer then will mayo

  7. Miss that awsome mt hood meadows park flow. not. #singlefeatures

  8. Max Warbington did all that with a split board?


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