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Bet You Can’t: Special Edition Tre Squad at Mount Hood Meadows

Tre Squad rolled on Mount Hood Meadows and made a whole day out of Bet You Can’t. Many hammers were dropped. LONG LIVE CREED.

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  • dad

    Best one yet

  • T raw

    Bet you can’t say bet you can’t

  • Nuggets

    That was awesome. Max and Logy B slaying that shit!

  • matt

    not enough creed

  • Shibby Shib

    That ender.. Holy FUCK!

  • jerm

    dammit meadows looks fun.

  • dylan trewin

    whats wrong with creed?

  • captain obvious

    Tre squad is either 2 people or a giant group with a skier. Makes sense.

  • Yobeat Off

    Opinion: This was edit was entertaining and i liked it.

    Fact: This was the second “Bet you can’t” with an MJ…

  • POT

    I love Creed

  • frontside zeach


  • Bruce

    needs more duran duran

  • Um

    Mjs are stupid unless youre Scott Stevens or Dylan g. That shit was gayer then will mayo

  • handbannana

    Miss that awsome mt hood meadows park flow. not. #singlefeatures

  • Dopeninja

    Max Warbington did all that with a split board?