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Bet You Can’t- Mount Snow

Just what the doctor ordered. A hard-way front 3 over the fence to 50-50. Shaun Murphy knows what he’s doin.

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Comments (21)

  1. Murphy on Bataleon now, be on the lookout for more ridiculous tricks like this


  2. Good dudes right there.

  3. Murph Dog can give us all Dr. Pepper facials after that

  4. Yea murph! I love Dan Schott but #ihatedanschott

  5. i dont know who this dan schott character is, but that would be one scary trick.

  6. pussy ass tuesday

  7. @EastCoastKillinShit

    Zack had one last year, and there was that gay ass Pat Millberry one a couple weeks ago but that doesnt really count

  8. @eastcoatkillsshit
    There have been two already mountain creek boiii

  9. yeah i bet hes never done that trick before…

  10. dr. pepper is a white trash drink.

  11. hell yeah shaun murphy never fails to impress me

  12. mountain dew is a white trash drink, dr. pepper has been around longer then coke and is much better then other soft drinks and is not white trash, jib wood


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