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Spot Check: Seven Springs

The Streets are alive with the sound of boarding.

Featuring Chris Brewster, Austin Leonard, Brett Stewart, Chris Beresford, Cooper Thomas, Tyler Mengel, Jake Kuzyk and Jordan Small.

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Comments (15)

  1. @gaylord sucks, boozie and smalls be slayin mane.

  2. :31 seconds…might very well be the best snowboard trick ive seen all winter. so good.

  3. I think Cooper deserves a fat paycheck for being in this

  4. Cooper killin it! Flick The Bean

  5. With pride I invite my ThirtyTwo comrades to come Spot Check royal city Pyongyang

  6. Smalls is scared. Shoulda brought that back 2 back to switch, didn’t like a lil bitch ass faggot

  7. Seems like someone might be mad they can’t snowboard or skate.

  8. Kuzyk’s nosepress nosepress.

  9. Austin, Let’s get weird and go camping…


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