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Sixty Seconds at Stevens

You know what’s annoying? When people call something a sick trick fix and it has like 7 tricks. Or when it’s called a “something minute” and it’s like 3 minutes long. SEMANTICS people. Anyway, Garrett Read demands perfection, and this latest edit from Stevens Pass is exactly as long as it says it is. OCD-havers rejoice.

Featuring Ben Maki and Myles Gable

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Comments (12)

  1. Hey yobeat,
    Nobody gives a shit about the title or length. When I see titles like “Monday minute” I hope it’s longer than a minute cause I know it’s going to be dope riding. In this case 60 seconds was jussssttttt right.

  2. This was dirtier than Hagrid’s asshole

  3. Best 60sec chodebeat has offered in a while.

  4. can he boardslide? couldnt tell

  5. Yo Ben, ur looking real jibbly out there;)

  6. My name’s Ben Maki, I’m 12 years old, and I’m pregnant as FUCK.

  7. why would you even put up such an improper edit of swivels and zeaches.. its 2013 get wit it or get lost

  8. i didnt see a swivel or a zeach

  9. maki is a killer but fuck that guy scares me when he pivots onto rails
    like ollie an inch higher man jesus

  10. in the post-zeach times of today, the fuckboiz will reign supreme


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