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Yawgoo 1

Talk about big shoes to fill… here’s a crew from Yawgoo Valley that is NOT the Yawgoons. But they’re young, hungry and most importantly proof that other people ride the ‘Goo too.

Riders : Allen Santucci , Kyle Gallup and Joe Marfeo
Edit by : Hans Stuting

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Comments (42)

  1. have you ever seen pretty sweet?


  3. “here’s a crew from Yawgoo Valley the is NOT the Yawgoons” #Spellcheck

  4. these pussies dont even realize what they’ve done…. my boy Malto would flip a titty if he saw this P.O.S. you guys are trying so hard to be yawgoons but in reality… you aint nothin but a bitch ass, suckin on a lil dick.

  5. typical yobeat hate. get original guys

  6. they should fight the real yawgoons for filming rights

  7. so some other dudes from yawgoo valley decided to make their own video and because they aren’t the yawgoons, they get ripped to peices….i think some haters need some hugs, these dudes were just having a blast, and werent trying to be the yawgoons at all, they were just having fun….everyone needs to shut the fuck up and go hate on a skiing video or something. Bitches.

  8. Not too bad. It bothered me a bit how much time was given for the riders’ approaches to the rail. A bit tighter cut would’ve worked, so the viewer doesn’t have to wait for the rider to get to the rail.
    And the comparison to Yawgoons here is dumb as hell, let people film wherever without claiming others the “original crew” and shit.

  9. was he…was he taking shots of cum…

  10. Hello folks, does anyone know what the name of the song is? I want to use it for my next Battle Commander


  11. hmm a decent start but they are always going to have to follow a tough act in yawgoons. Same as any edit from whistler thats not by footyfiend.

  12. Song : Justice – New Lands .
    Haters gon hate !

  13. The kid who nollies the spine!

  14. I thought this was a older yawgoons video when it started. All sick stuff but way to similar to the yawgoons. Like seriously Yawgoo 1

  15. The kid who made this video rides a razor scooter I can guarantee you he’s never seen pretty sweet

  16. do you just build whatever you want to hit at yawgoo?

  17. everything about this video was so sub par and the song fucking sucks. how you like that yobeat hater haters

  18. Alright, Pretty Sweet kinda sucks in the first place, but to steal possibly THE shittiest song from Pretty Sweet… Come on now.


  20. Only the jankiest features at Yawgoo Valley

  21. The Yawgoons are like the Yankees, These guy are like the Mets

  22. man ive never seen more then 1 video crew at the same mountain wtf never seen 2 parkshitty edits from 2 diffrent crews

  23. kyle and joe shred and hans can make a dope edit #FuckAllen

  24. every single rail there is less than board length long soooo

  25. Best Part of the video was the girl at 2:05

  26. that was actually the shittest snowboarding

  27. If the yawgoons didn’t exist I’d be impressed that these kids are pulling off some neat stuff in Rhode Fucking Island. But they do, and after Yawgoons 3 it’s gonna take all killer no filler to be even decent at Yawgoo.

  28. I think I get the hate, people aren’t hating because these guys are competing with the yawgoons, but because this feature only got a feature since it’s at yawgoo valley. I mean the boarding was ok but filming was roughhhh.

  29. Allen Santucci has a corderized pee hole

  30. there wasnt a single crooked grind in this video.
    I am dissapointed.

  31. frontside out of the layback slide was next level. real talk.

  32. How do I get to Loon from here?

  33. really only the filming and editing was bad, and some shots shouldnt have been used. enjoyed seeing yawgoo from a different perspective though.

  34. 1) the song was in the burton “13”. and pretty sweet. and in a music video on youtube. and i also heard it might be for sale on itunes.

    2) i bet these kids will put out some good shit next season if they can get it together. like making their edits under 3 minutes. my ADD had me looking at redtube a minute in.

    3) you cut out what was about to be the best trick in the video at :46!

    4) snowboarding in rhode island is the shit.

  35. Yeah was that little skier about to nut slide that trap rail or what?

  36. its nice to see a 2 month season wrapped up into a 3 min video haha nice edit hans


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