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Red Gerard at Northstar

Someday Red will hit puberty and this probably won’t be as impressive. But it hasn’t happened yet, so enjoy the latest from our favorite ginger grom.

Filmed by Malachi Gerard

Edited by Blake Axelson and Ezra Racine

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Comments (31)

  1. Homeboy needs a better filmer who’s not related to him

  2. Brendan Gerard is so much different from him, both are dirty tho

  3. song instantly reminded me of airblaster august

  4. I love Brendan And Red. They are sick!

  5. How you can hate on a kid whose bag of tricks are bigger than most post pubescent pricks?

  6. Whelp time to give up on snowboarding. Whats next? Mono Blades?

  7. It’s kinda hard to suck when your parents name you after a color

  8. Ha his tricks look better than his brothers!

  9. His switch tricks are better than… well, all my tricks.

  10. Good way to start my morning. Thanks Red.

  11. ……….annnnnddddd I just sold my snowboard on ebay, it was real Yobeat.

  12. That was fuking gr8

  13. thats fucked up how good this lil kid is

  14. He even looks good while riding. Im still looking forward to a kid who gets known by riding powder, not park.

  15. Too bad dad doesn’t let you have fun doing it

  16. You’ve obviously never seen Red ride in person. He is always having a blast while snowboarding. Always has a smile on his face and is super friendly and polite to everyone around him

  17. ok I know he’s like 12 and like the next shaun white, but his pre-spin arms onto rails bother me…

  18. I didn’t even know how to tie my shoes when I was his age….

  19. Glad to see that he is finally starting to get some style

  20. What do you mean “favorite ginger grom?” he’s no Ginger!

  21. this color didnt even exist till at least the year 2000

  22. this kid sucks for his age.. what is he, seven?


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