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Bet You Can’t- Trollhaugen

Kayli Hendricks goes for a cab 270-270 out at Trollhaugen. I guess girls can be sort of good at snowboarding now. Even though she clearly lands in a front blunt by accident, we’ll still count it.

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Comments (40)

  1. hey Yobeat….bet you can’t make the video watchable

  2. Bet you can’t pee standin up.

  3. Is just everyone at Trollhaugen dirty at snowboarding

  4. Minnow cant even do that trick! Troll 4 life!

  5. bet she cant lipslide my polejam, but then again i bet she can doe

  6. I’m not gonna reference my penis on this thread.

  7. damn girl that was tight. why is that the trollhaugen videos are so awkward

  8. i bet you cant show your tits

  9. I think this chick just graduated from kitchen duty.

  10. i hate how snowboard chicks talk….

  11. She’s going to man handle your bitch like she did that rail.

  12. Cab 270, 270 out…with a tap. Damn shes next level

  13. But then again I couldnt do that with or without a tap so she has me beat there

  14. Girls from Minnesota/Wisconsin can.

  15. look at what you can accomplish when you keep a lean bag of tricks

  16. Her bestfriends number is 1 612 636 9930, her phone is broke.

  17. that was hot.

  18. I wish I was that rail because she let it hit her from the back…

  19. i hope that this is the last cab 270 attempted by a girl….dat was ugggggglyyy

  20. 10/10 would wife that if given the opportunity

  21. I can hear Dane B. in the background.