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Northwest Powder Season Returns!

Things are looking white and fluffy once again here in Oregon. Mt. Hood Meadows does some not-so-humble bragging in this Brainfarm-inspired edit from Friday. Come get some while the getting’s good.

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Comments (3)

  1. This place is awful. 1 hour lift lines, flat traverses and $90 tickets? What a waste of money! Meanwhile your 12″ aint shit compared to Bakers 22″ in 24 hours today. All you hipster hoodrats please stay in Oregon with your skier buddies. This place is such a joke. They advertise all sorts of chairlifts and terrain, yet upper Heather Canyon is never ever open and Cascade Express is always on weather hold. How about discounting your tickets depending on the percentage of the mountain open? Washington is where its at if you don’t want to one foot and have back leg burn. Pretty sure Meadows has more collision related deaths than any other ski resort because of too many joey’s, gapers, soccer moms and ski racers. They can’t even put together a decent park anymore. Go to skibowl, they actually have something called a fall line and steeps.

  2. You’re right, Meadows sucks, go somewhere else!! Please.

  3. By far the stinkiest resort on the planet run by 100% wind energy. The volcano emits a sulfur smell that smells worse than an airport bathroom. Timberline smells like roses.