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Bet You Can’t- Seven Springs

Pat Milberry keeps tye-dye alive while attempting a Michael Jackson melon grab on the dance floor.  And nails it.  We were unaware people actually still do that trick.



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Comments (27)

  1. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  2. As average as Pat Milberry may be, you yo beat comment haters are the saddest bunch of all. Keep hating on the only group of people that you identify with. Meanwhile, Milberry is out there doing what he loves, getting paid to travel the country teaching kids to shred. You lose.

  3. who’s pat millberry and where did the bottom of his pants go?

  4. the doug brown of snowboarding.

  5. more like THRILLbury!

  6. Milberry’s mom dunked him in tie-dye upon birth

  7. this was the worst bet you can’t yet

  8. Me and pat had a great night yesterday. He fraught me things that Jerm never did.

  9. Chodebeat, we’ve already seen Pubesberry snag this trick. Seven Deadly Edits like a week ago.

  10. I’d rather watch skateboarding.

  11. i hate pat millberry. am i cool now??

  12. @allyoufagsdo
    Welcome to yobeat. Obviously you are new here. It does not matter how good your edit is, it will be hated here. That’s the fun of yobeat. Until very recently everyone knew that and enjoyed the hate together in good fun. Then douchers like you showed up and decided we all needs to play nice on the internet to have a good time. Get a life. It is possible to have fun on your snowboard and hate on the internet. That off my chest Millbury sucks, yobeat or not.

  13. T think these betcha cants need to get weirder and I like the direction.

  14. Should have gone for a royale or a unity grind.

  15. @kenbessler I agree lets get weird

  16. this belongs in the rejected edits.

  17. I bet if Scott Stevens did the same trick, people would be freaking out about how sick it is

  18. @That Guy – I bet if Scott Stevens did the same trick, he wouldn’t do an MJ melon. And it would be sick.


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