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It’s Finally Safe to go Back to Bear Mountain

We were kinda leaving the whole Chris Dorner shoot out in Big Bear thing alone, but our Aussie pal Louis Macindoe was actually embedded in Bear during the whole stand off and is happy to report, all is well.

I’ve noticed a lack of reporting on Chris Dorner’s reign of Antics on Big Bear in the Snowboard world. I can safely say that I’ve been on the ground for the whole ordeal here at Bear along with the rest of the Australian Snowboard Contingent. Instead of reporting on the event, we avoided the plea’s to stay home and went snowboarding instead. This is our tribute to the now fallen (Conspiracy) ‘Black Rambo.’

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Comments (12)

  1. annndddd there goes any reverence for loss of life.

  2. its not there fault…there Australian, they breed em dumb over there

  3. I love it all, except “black Rambo.” All Rambo wanted was a sandwich. A sandwich! Totally different. Not fair to Rambo. Rambo was a good guy.

  4. yobeat is awesome! should be called instahate. U kids rule!

  5. they are australians, crime is in their dna, so in a way, they kind of have a right to make this video

  6. yes John Maus. That dude is cool as shit


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