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Spot Check: Austria

ThirtyTwo is topping out it’s travel budget this year. the latest spot check comes Flachauwinkl Resort in Austira and features some of our favorite Euros as well as a few of America’s faves too.

Riders: Kas Lemmins, Danny Larsen, Dominik Wagner, Benny Urban, Chris Grenier, JP Walker and Joe Sexton.

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Comments (10)

  1. Dope. Looks like that park could use more features and a tow rope.

  2. Boardslide 360 to hardway out on the up flat was fucked.

  3. why do people hate on JP? He kills it man.

  4. id kill a pig and drink its blood with danny larsen

  5. jp’s hands are funny when he does rails. uhhhhhhhuhuhuhuh.

  6. you know whats funnier than JP’s fingers?

    Stupid green scratch patches!


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