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Regular Days at Trollhaugen

This might be the best park rail edit of the year and it even has them hitting jumps. I swear, if the Midwest can figure out how to make hittable 50+ foot jumps, people are going to start “training” there and not Summit County.

Featuring: Tony Wagner, Kyle Kennedy, Sam Schlitgen, Grady Tank, Logan Herber and Luke Zajac. filmed by David Powell, Tony Wagner, Tanner Burch an David Murphy.

Edited by Tony Wagner.

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Comments (31)

  1. 1:11…i have no idea what just happened but i like it.

  2. more like what the fuck luke zajac

  3. how old is luke zajac? please tell me some one is on his minor dick

  4. p.s. backin every single one of you wankers in this edit don’t get it mixed.

  5. Luke Zajac looks like a little fat kid but rides like a boss.

  6. That Luke kid goes Mock 10 into every rail

  7. holy shit those kids are killing it!

  8. i guess i should start training at troll then

  9. You have kids like this with no sponsors at all and then you have JP jibbin’ picnic tables in Jibberish rakin’ in all the money. Shits fucked up.

  10. Luke zajac is 12 years old, dear god

  11. Haha every single hit by swagner was switch.

  12. @UpstateMike It’s been very negative wind chill in Minnesota lately.

  13. More mountains need rope tows next to there rail gardens

  14. half cab to nose press on the dfdfd holy tits!

  15. switch back 270 to regular was pretty sick…

  16. If your talking about sams part which i believe you are. That was not a half cab

  17. it’s funny because all of this happens everyday at troll. now that everyone can do every trick peeps gotta start getting weird. Lil Luke homie is real good.

  18. Everytime I see a little kid better than me x10 it makes me want to shoot myself

  19. fuck yea! this is a daily thing at troll. i saw a girl front board the dfdfd with style the other day, it was nuts. As for luke, everytime he tries something he fully commits no warm up zeach. tony that back2fakie was noice

  20. hell yeah. I enjoyed the hot follow the leader action off those rampies. And that one dude’s blue board/green bindings combo was pleasing to mine eye.

  21. nobody who rides at troll is aloud to bitch about their icy, shitty parks anymore, that park looked damn near perfect

  22. i love the trick where the dude skips the flats on the dfdfd

  23. anyone who rides troll and bitches about the parks should go back to afton, where they actually have something to bitch about. trolls parks have been reset and maintained so nicely this year. for sure one of the best parks in the midwest this season.


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