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How to Stay Warm in Canada

I’ve been resisting adopting the expression “fire” because well, I’m old and stuck in my ways, but it seemed like a fun pun to pull out for this little grouping of edits which are all pretty firey (which is not a real word.) Two are from Canada and one is from Sugarbush, which might as well be in Canada, because it’s really fucking cold and remote. For the record: any of these deserved their own feature, but goddamn the Internet is crowded these days.

Rawlais #3

Bruners #1

Sugarbush Sunday #12

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Comments (13)

  1. sugarbush has the second worst park in vermont. right after smuggs

  2. @trendy trix

    I think your order might be wrong but sugarbush is definitely bottom three parks in Vermont (Smuggs is bottom 3 too)