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UltraNatural: The Highlights

Holy shit. That’s all.

one of the founders of the internet.
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  2. bryan fox bitch

  3. that was the winning run…? wut

  4. The top 3 are exactly what representatives of snowboarding should be.
    “I expected very little of myself, my main goal was to not look stupid on TV. So that was the most nerve-racking thing. Because when you film video parts you eat shit all day and no one ever sees it. It was kind of like filming a video part in public. And it was cool to stand next to those dudes on the podium, I was so happy, So but at the end of the day there are thirteen other dudes who are kind of bummed, so I kind of felt like shit. That’s just the nature of contests and pitting people against each other” Bryan Fox is the truth!