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Mike Basich Makes Being a Ski Bum Cool. Maybe.


Wall Street Journal got the scoop on Mike Basich’s crazy “off-the-grid” lifestyle. Can you believe he lives in a house he built himself that he lives in without laundry and television reception!? In this show of journalistic excellence they answer such pressing questions as “how does he hang out with other people,” and “how does one live without extra bedrooms” and of course most importantly, “How does he pay for it.” Can’t wait for the rush of stock brokers choosing to “simplify” their lives in response. That should go well.

Read the full article and watch the video here or by clicking the image.

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Comments (3)

  1. This would be awesome if he built it somewhere with good snow. Like Salt Lake.

  2. @Dunno – Easy there, tiger. Tahoe has great snow (at times).

  3. @oater – That’s what I hear, but I’ve just never hit it at the right time, I guess.


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