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RadBot’s Eskimo Brothers Volume 1

Alright the RadBots have cracked the code. You want us to post your video even though you filmed your skier buddy way too much? Give it a name that makes us LOL. Get it? It’s funny because they are all eskimo brothers. (That means they’ve totally banged the same chick, and since they live in Montana you can assume they have.)

Riders Pat Cowan, Sean Fithian, Mark Rainery, Steven Popovich, Tyler Morton, Micah Hoogeveen, Todd Kirby, Kyle Miller, and Shane Stalling

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Comments (14)

  1. If you press mute this video is so sick!! Kyle miller is a G!

  2. Fuck park someone get me a split board!

  3. skiers and boarders together? riding pow in the backcountry?

  4. That skier really needs to learn how to ride backwards…

    Other than that, it was awesome

  5. Those guys are all old and grumpy.

  6. you know what ruined this snowboarding video?….skiers.

  7. skiiers and snowboarders in the same video… no thanks. Make snowboarding only edits

  8. Haha who gives a fuck if their skier bud got some shots? That’s was sick

  9. What is skiing? Are they allowed to hit the rail?

  10. another banger for free on yobeat thanks!


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