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KTC’s Roll Call Teaser

Watch as the best lineup of up-and-coming riders put their blood, sweat, and fears aside to get the shot one mo ‘gain in the highly anticipated ROLL CALL. Last year you said “Holy Smokes,” but this year were going all out to produce some of the heaviest footage in the game. Just watch it.

Featuring: Dylan Dragotta, Johnny O’Connor, Mark Wilson, Cody Beirsdorf, Spencer Schubert, Sam Taxwood, Brandon Hobush, Derrek Lever, Blake Paul, Austin Young, Toni Kerkelä, Mike Ravelson, Dylan Alito

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Comments (18)

  1. @kittenpuncher why the hell would dylan gamache be in KTC? Its not a park edit.

  2. @Plum he has street skills you corn cob RI gets no snow, you can’t be that good at snowboarding and not be half decent at street.

  3. this is cooler than a penguins nose hair

  4. Shhirtless Siebs gettin after it?

  5. if youre gonna go shirtless might as well lose the hat and gloves too.