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Sweeney Todds: Episode 3

The Bachy dudes are patiently waiting for snow. In the meantime, here’s some chill park boarding from the loc dawgs through the lens of Tyler Orton.

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Comments (10)

  1. they say – once you ride bachelor, you will lose your manhood, everything you do and say, and listen to strange musical instruments clashed together into a song. You are a slave to mind-control, the liberals in Portland have taken your soul. You will never leave.

  2. this was so straight, enjoyed it.

  3. eh @PussClot, pull that acid soaked strip of paper out of your ass and go snowboarding.

  4. Bachelor is 180 miles from Portland.

  5. aite christopher columbus ass muthafucka, tracking the miles n’ shit -@mathew

  6. …and it was “chill” park boarding…


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