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The Midwest in Standard Def

We get emails all the time explaining that the videos would be better, but “we only have a GoPro” or “our friend with Parkinsons is the only one willing to film.” And while excuses are great and we use them all the time, here’s some actual proof you don’t need a fancy camera, an education, or a real mountain to make entertaining edits.

Prom at Raging Buffalo

Sparks at Elm Creek

And a another late arrival from Elm.

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Comments (15)

  1. they spent a thousand + dollars on a mini dv cam instead of a dslr, hd could have been an option.

  2. ^ you work at best buy or something? if i was a betting man i would say their cameras have been around for quite sometime, whereas you spent a thousand + on your dslr… after your employee discount of course.

  3. that first video was defiantly not entertaining

  4. You definitely got defied.

  5. the second two were sick but that first one forced me to take a phat mol and forget it.

  6. i almost cried i laughed so hard at the last one at 1:30

  7. That back 5 was fucking hilarious

  8. look at that groom job

  9. fuck yeah chris bailoni and all the buff homies killin it

  10. He wasn’t sorry for running into you. That’s troof!


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