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Yawgoons 8


Riders in order of appearance: Marcus Rand, Dylan Gamache, Derrek Lever, Mary Rand
Edit: Brendan Gouin
Song: I Feel the Earth Move by Carole King

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Comments (47)

  1. the 360 complete circle to rail was awesome

  2. So good…creativity at it’s best

  3. give these guys 5 rails and rope tow and watch the magic happen.

  4. give these guys 5 rails and a rope tow and watch some magic happen.

  5. Dylan’s carve to back lip was fucked

  6. give these guys 5 rails and a rope tow and watch the magic happen.

  7. Yawgoonies never say die! I hope that skull was a sweet Goonies reference.

    Snowboarding at its finest. Fun and creative. Can’t wait to see what came out of Nemo!!!

  8. I love how the yawgoons write comments on their own videos to hy

  9. @Wack Arnold’s

    There is no need for anyone to try and hype this video up or make it seem legit. These guys are the mother fucking truth. The video speaks for itself.

  10. just wait for the stacked footy . seriously you will shit croutons.

  11. jesus h fuck

  12. yet another girl with a better front board than me…

  13. Was that last shot mary rand? If so, holy fuck.

  14. Dylan and Marcus fucking rip, Dr. B gets too nice on the camera and Mary is fucking incredible ….Yawgoons takeover!!!! oh and i guess Derrek is okay too

  15. they never cease to amaze me. specially with that ollie nosepress…

  16. this ingenuity can only mean that rhode island has very dank weed

  17. It incredible how they manage to make everyone wish they snowboarded in Rhode Island

  18. give these guys 5 rails and watch the creativity happen at its best.

  19. I would pay for a full length video of just dylan and marcus

  20. i have to ask who owns that joint that they can build sick shit wherever they want, jumping off lifts to down bars?!!?! i love it but fuck i want a piece of that freedom! Mtn safety would have a fit! goons.

  21. Yawgoons are the shitt, fuckin Derek just comes through RI and ruins my valentines day. What the fuck

  22. how is mary rand not a pro? she’s better than 80% of girls that are somehow “pro”.

  23. I cant even ollie that high, let alone ollie that high and still manage to nosepress the shit out of that rail.

  24. one of the only people that makes turning cool

  25. i never want these videos to end

  26. seriously tho, who owns yawgoo valley? and why do these kids get to do more shit on the hill than shaun white at northstar? and go pro already dylan.

  27. Good to see Capita giving Yagoons what they need to keep this creativity prospering. Wild

  28. versace swag on top of bags with a side order derrek lever.

  29. watch the creativity magic happen tow

  30. anyone else notice that when yobeat put something raw like this up jerm doesnt comment. when jerm isnt around you know its a good video.


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