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Hungry Hobos #1

Live from the Mt. Baker Base lodge, here’s a video from Keystone. Kyle Hay, Colin Walters, Josh Bishop, and Austin Julik-heine getting Keystoned, Cameos by Mike Casanova and Billy Mackey.

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Comments (20)

  1. Dylan Alito looks like he is having a seizure 90% of the time he snowboards. But he does fuck shit up

  2. Those guys have cool clothes, wich makes the edit cool

  3. I didn’t know hobos could afford $30 face masks

  4. Is homeboy riding a Nitro T1.5 or just the T1

  5. Let me set a few things straight for you guys… First off, glad I resemble Alito a little bit he’s been my boardin bud for the past 9 years and is co-owner of Hobo with me. The Bushman masks retail at $30 because we put $5 of that into Brandon Hobush’s pocket. Also we use real genuine leather that we engrave and sew onto the masks ourselves. It ain’t cheap but check the store out daily. We should have some more reasonable priced hats available soon. Thanks for the support o and I ride the T 1.5 none of that pussy reverse or flat shit.

  6. ^Pocketing $5 a hat? Not getting enough money from Anon/Nitro? WHHHAAABBBHAAAAAA!!!!

  7. Lived with these dudes. Glad to see there still getting it. Sick edit Colin.

  8. @Some Kid don’t forget monster now, that’s the biggest payout