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2013 Mt Baker Banked Slalom: Day 1


The sun is out. The paella is delicious. And my god, there’s even powder. After a few years of low tide, the course is looking filled in, soft and fun at the Mt. Baker Baked Slalom. February 8th marked the first qualifying day of the “legendary” event, and everyone from Nicolas Muller to the Tranny Finders are here. We should note that while Paul Stanley and Bo Valencia won the slots from Zumiez, it was in no way rigged. Anywho…

A few notable highlights:

-Conditions were basically as good as Baker gets. Sunny, light pow, and 100% visibility, don’t be fooled, IT’S NOT USUALLY LIKE THIS.

-Suffering from no actual boardercross contests to compete in, Nate Holland channeled his inner speed demon and logged the fastest time of the day, 1:33.29. Maelle Ricker scored a 1:37 for the girls.

-Luftansa lost Terje’s bag, so he was riding borrowed and/or rental equipment.

-You can see pictures of the Banked Slalom as they happen at the hashtag #lbs. Please disregard the pictures of fat people.

Other than that, we’ll leave some info for the final recap at the end of the weekend and just post photos of the results. Cool? Cool.


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