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Frank April FULL PART

Hooray, people have given up on you buying videos and now just want you to WATCH the parts! But seriously, Frank April basically blew our minds this year to the point that we say, if you haven’t yet, support VG and this man by downloading Enlighten right now.

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (17)

  1. Well Im just real butt hurt about how much better his beard is than mine.

  2. bringing enlightenment to big boy snowboarding

  3. Frank April just won the internet

  4. what the FUCK

  5. Alright Canada, you win this one..

  6. Anyone else notice that the video was 4:20 long? #SoChyll

  7. Hell Yeah! Bringing “Yo” back!

  8. can anyone boardslide better than Frank?

  9. Now everyone can stop using this song in web edits

  10. Canada breads some of the best snowboarders


  11. Go to your local shop and buy the hard copy. If you truly liked this and want to see the hard copy production of DVD’s continue, then go buy one. Seriously, if we don’t go buy the videos, then there won’t be any reason to keep making them.


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