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Where the Wild Went 1: Pillows for ARob

Eli Weiner is so pro that he even sent us tags to post with this video, but since not having anything to say isn’t in my vocabulary, I’d just like to say thank you to ARob for making this possible. Take it away Eli —

In January 2013 a group of friends descended on Big Sky Country to go fast, ride pillows, and to “Smash Life” In honor of their fallen friend and brother, Aaron Robinson. Getting barreled with friends was the most fitting scenario for remembering Aaron, so that’s what we did…

Riding By: Kyle Miller, Jason Robinson, Todd Kirby, Lucas Debari, and Micah Hoogeveen

Film/Edit/Directed By: Eli Weiner

If you want more, we made a similar, yet totally different video too!

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Comments (6)

  1. if i had a dollar for every edit with edit put with extremely annoying songs i would be filming all my zeachs on a RED cam

  2. Any how is Hendrix annoying? get fucked baby sniffer.

  3. you could put lady gaga to this edit and it would still be great ^^

  4. Nice work Eli! Lets get some this weekend!

  5. that was dope. got all sorts of crazy around 345


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