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C Sessions 3.7

The Carinthia parks at Mount Snow are on it.  Also, is Tarik Blowers that kids real name?  Because it’s awesome.  Riding from Tarik Blowers, Zack Wilmot, Brian Skorupski, Casey Willax, Rory Bruder, Shaun Murphy, Levi Gunzburg.  Filmed and edited by Dylan Demers.

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Comments (22)

  1. About time Yobeat posted something good this year.

  2. man that brian chick never seizes to disappoint!

  3. theres no video of zacks footplant? the fuck?

  4. Jeez zack’s tailslide was fucking fucked! Gave me a boner <333 8====D

  5. You stole my my comment idea dick. But good one

  6. so nice i had to watch it twice

  7. Well I guess 5’s-out are now a thing… fuck.

  8. DRUGS?

  9. Murphy’s body twists in ways that a man should never have to twist

  10. Is it really that difficult to use some original songs and not rip the music from some part… always the same fucking story……

  11. why do you give so many fucks about music, watch the shredding

  12. The week ski sweatshirt has still yet to find its way of off Brian’s girlish figure ey? Is that 4 edits now?

  13. sick i gotta check that place out

  14. Why’s that Brian chick ride with her ass out all the time…


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