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Bet You Can’t- Mountain Creek

Kevin Kaczynski lays down a switch front board same way 270 out on the firecracker rail at Mountain Creek.

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Comments (13)

  1. i’ll show you private…

  2. O did we say down rail, cause we meant weird ass rail thats sole purpose is to make you slip out.

  3. wow that was all sorts of messed up kid, bravo. next level.

  4. damn that was almost as tasty as the nachos im eating….almost

  5. what’s your real name @kittenpuncher

  6. The ones at mountain creek, kick the shit out of all of them

  7. @todd hah thats a weird request you want me to post a link to my fb up as well?

  8. its Evan Stone…

  9. he did it first try but they missed the shot

  10. Yeah Kev! but I was hoping for the pretzel

  11. DOG! that was ill. dope rail too, looks fun.

  12. Kevins a tru boss. Creek kids kill it


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