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The Martini Team Edits

Last night we enjoyed a hearty meal of Brazilian meats, and the company of Mr. Cody Sanders. We like that guy; one time he won our T-shirt contest and totally let us exploit his art. But seriously, he rides for Martini Skate and Snow in Ohio and it reminded us that we should probably post the team edits Kevin Castanheira put together for the website, cause they’re awesome.

Corinne Pasela

Cody Sanders

Tony Accuardi

Dylan Chrismer

Dan Morrison

Alex Yost

Michael Campbell

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Comments (20)

  1. Tuck knee grab to lipslide is one of my favorite tricks and Cody Sanders threw a proper one!

  2. Ok. Corrine is better than me

  3. Corrine is better than me and i still want to pee in her butt.

  4. Woooohoooo Ohio gets some love. It still sucks here but at least we’re getting some publicity.

  5. this team is lookin more solid than nick liptons dick when he walks into the gay bar

  6. damn this team is whack they all look like gypsy pussies that smoke wieners for bills
    good editing tho.. btw i filmed the line in dylan chrismers part yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  7. i heard they all circle jerk around that girl.. not trying to change your view on her.. just saying

  8. ashbury goggles, smoking cigs.

  9. Yost, always keeping things on point.

  10. Great work, great shop. Meat Mouse demands more footy.


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