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Bet You Can’t: Nollie Front Gap Front Board at Brighton

Remember when people used to try to make it the whole length of the rail? Well that is over! Now the challenge is gap to that shit and Erik Neilsen is up to it. Of course, the real question is, can you really even nollie a snowboard at all?

Video: Mia Lambson

Brought to you by Brighton Resort

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Comments (32)

  1. slowmo girl giggles are terrifying

  2. oh shit she made that noise when we were fucking too!!!!!

  3. …..even if she does slowmo giggle during sex

  4. Yo nollie is weak and the song is abd

  5. They should do betch you cant blunt 270

  6. that wasn’t even nollie he just jumped like a girl

  7. This kid is whack, hey yobeat if you’re gonna do bet you can’t at least pick good snowboarders

  8. seriously^^, hey Mia can i do one of these?

  9. love when rampin it gives away the actual quality of the trick… work on that nollie

  10. bet you can find the right scene files for your $4000 camera

  11. that soap shoe was unreal

  12. pointing your nose down after coming off the lip isn’t a nollie

  13. didnt know bowser was filming god damn

  14. Bring back Connor brown god damn it. For the edits not you Mia

  15. i dont even have to hate on this. everyones already taken care of it for me. great work team.

  16. bet ya cant post a video where jerm says something nice.

  17. dont quit your day job

  18. :O

  19. don’t listen to yobeat everyone on here is a zeachoid

  20. i heard this filmer is really loose

  21. Such a good video! Colors are on point. Erik has the smoothest style.

  22. Hey owner of yobeat, betcha can’t stop being a fat alcoholic,


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