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Dad Cam: Volume 3

The lovely Mia Lambson pulls it off!

Featuring: Erik Nielsen, Stephen Konkler, Dillon Guenther, Willis Grigsby, Christian Hobush, Blake Payne, Rex Cordon, David Faircloth

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Comments (14)

  1. can we all just pause and recognize what a fucking awesome name “Willis” is…..and great edit.

  2. Every time I see Ferro knockoff titles in snowboard edits a little piece of me dies inside. Stop making me die, internet.

  3. please everyone….stop doing gap method lip….i beg you

  4. ^if they actually did gap method lip it would be ok. but everyone just does shifty board slap fs zeach. it looks almost ok because everyone ramps the fuck out of it. the shot was wack, you know it.

  5. what if everyone in brighton edits were the same people…but just different names.
    cause thats what it fuckin seems like

  6. Dave Faircloth so hot right now…so hot right now

  7. Real name isn’t Willis. I KNOW.

  8. agreed! this grabgap is awful… fun edit, but tone that ish grabgap down a notch!

  9. the only shot ive gotten this year is a grab gap ya fuckin dicks. and to think that i had felt hip at the time, only one month ago


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